Amir Issaei

  • Amir is a Lead Data Scientist at Databricks. He is a story teller, who lives at the intersection of Mathematics and Technology. He uses advanced Mathematics to make sense of data. In particular, he uses technology to operationalize insights. He has worked with different verticals such as Finance industry, to optimize financial portfolios, Entertainment industry, to build an end-to-end ML model to help with the title matching process, Aviation industry, to build seat pricing model, Manufacturing, to build image recognition algorithm to detect defects, Healthcare industry, to build MCMC models to measure treatments effects, and many more verticals. Before joining Databricks, he was a Senior Data Scientist at American Airlines’ Operations Research Group, where he helped different Business Units to make sense of data in their decision making processes. In summary, he is an Applied Scientist who formulates a business problem with Mathematics and uses technology to make use of the solution.